AMS Catch Me If You Can

When: begins right after reading week!

Where: Queen’s campus

Cost: only $3.00. Sign-up in the QUEEN’S CENTRE @ 5 – 9pm on Friday Feb 8th!

Click here for more information!

catch me if you can


  1. Sign up with your name, email, faculty and year.
  2. Each player is given a clothespin and the name of their target.
  3. You must attach your clothespin to your target when you have caught them. Your acquired target then must give you THEIR clothespin with their target’s name and THAT PERSON is your new target.
  4. You must email the CMIYC exec letting them know you have caught your target and the name of your new target. We will email your previous target to confirm the catch.

ROUND 1 [7-8 Days]

  • ALL PLAYERS get targets in the same FACULTY + YEAR – (Phekin, Comp Sci and Con. Ed will play as one faculty)
  • No limit to # that advances to Round 2

ROUND 2 [5-6 Days]

  • PLAYERS get targets in the same YEAR, regardless of the faculty
  • TOP 90 players advance to Round 3.  Ranking will be judged on:
    • Whether or not you are still in the game
    • How many people you have caught
    • If 2 participants have the same amount of catches, the player with more catches in Round 2 will advance

ROUND 3 [5-6 Days]

  • 90 players + 10 wildcards (complete the Feedback Survey for your chance to re-enter the game!)

ROUND 4 [4-5 Days]

  • Top 10 participants + 5 wildcards



3rd PLACE : Tickets to see The Great Big Sea in concert at the K-Rock Centre on Friday, April 12 2013


HEALTH/COUNSELING OFFICES: Locations such as LaSalle, KGH, and any other facilities concerning health.

RELIGIOUS FACILITIES: The enclosed space in which you observe your religion.

YOUR HOME: A location where you reside and is afforded by yourself.

Office: Locations where you are registered and recognized as an employee or volunteer. The entire location owned by the organization for their office space is safe. Which means, if you work for the Journal or Walkhome, the Journal house/Walkhome kiosk is safe. If you work for the Athletics, the PEC isn’t safe, only your office is.

VEHICLE: Within any motorized vehicle or on a bike.

CLASSROOM AND LABORATORIES: Any location on campus that is registered and official academic source is taking place. Only the lecture halls, classrooms, and/or laboratories are safe. Areas outside those rooms but within the building are fair game.

QUEEN’S FACILITY OFFICES: Locations and times in which you are seeking help from a TA, professor or any academic authority.

WASHROOMS: The stalls and the entire bathroom itself – including the double door entrance.


FAKE HOMES: a home or residence room where you may be eating, sleeping, socializing etc. that is not your own and is afforded by somebody else.

OUTSIDE: Outdoors, on campus and off campus. Everywhere outside is fair game, even if there is work-related or personal reason requires you to be outside. Beware of ice in the winter!

CLUB: locations such as Aflie’s QP, Stages, The Spot, Ale house and any other location meant for socializing – unless you are registered to work there.

LIBRARY & STUDY ROOMS: locations meant for studying such as the library or the ILC are not safe. However, please remember not to cause a disruption to others in the area as this can cause a big issue for the event as a whole.

LOBBIES/COMMON ROOMS: a Ceiliedh, atrium, residence common room, and/or lounge.

THE GYM: The arc/any gym.

RESTAURANTS & Dining Halls: Dining halls are usually where most of the spectacular catches occur year after years. Beware.

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