Workshop: Summer Opportunities at The Castle

never stop learningWhen: Monday Feb 11th at 5:00pm -OR- Thursday March 7th at 5:00pm (Info Sessions)

Where: Welcome Centre, Gordon Hall

This summer the Bader International Study Centre (aka The Castle) is offering a 6 week summer school running from May 3rd until June 15th. Our selection of courses, which can be found on our website, range from art history and astronomy, to studies in the digital humanities, British studies, and comparative genocides.

Also running in May and June is our NEW program in association with the Faculty of Health Sciences entitled Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability.

This program is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students and will satisfy 9.0 units. It is designed to take students through 6 weeks of immersion, engagement, field studies, and exploration within Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health and Disability.

The courses will be led by Queen’s faculty members who are passionate about their field and are international experts who bring expertise and experience to the classroom and beyond. The More Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss

In addition to these two programs we are running a number of Field Schools in June and July:

  • Biodiversity
  • Archaeology
  • Travel Writing
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership
  • Deaf Geographies
  • Performance: Art-Drama-Music
  • Conflict Resolution

Field Schools are pre-packaged programs, designed to allow you to immerse yourself deeply in course material that includes extensive research and practical ‘in the field’ learning experiences. Generally five weeks in duration, satisfying 6.0 units, start and end dates vary according to Field School, so please refer to the website for specific information.

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